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  1. Go to the Mpesa Menu
  2. Select Lipa na M-PESA
  3. Select Pay Bill
  4. Enter Business Number‘400500’
  5. Account No – Enter Your Membership Number + Code.
  • DEP – for Deposit – (E.g 01*****DEP)
  • SHR – for share capital (E.g 01*****SHR)
  • NOR – for Normal Loans (E.g 01*****NOR)
  • COL – for Collateral (E.g 01*****COL)
  • EDU – for Education Loan -Specify the Minor Number (E.g 01*****EDU)
  • INS – for insurance premiums (E.g 01*****INS)
  • LAF – Loan Application Fees (E.g 01*****LAF)
  • NMA – New Member Application (E.g 01*****NMA)
  • MAK – Makao Loan (E.g 01*****MAK)
  • LAN – Land Loan (E.g 01*****LAN)
  • DEP +NOR– for Deposit and Normal loan – (E.g 01*****DEP-Amount-NOR -Amount)
  • DEP +COL– for Deposit and Collateral loan – (E.g 01*****DEP-Amount-COL-Amount)
  • DEP +EDU– for Deposit and  education loan- (E.g 01*****DEP-Amount-EDU-Amount)
  • DEP +SHR– for Deposit and Share capital – (E.g 01*****DEP-Amount-SHR-Amount)
  • DEP +MAK– for Deposit and Makao Loan – (E.g 01*****DEP-Amount-SHR-Amount)
  • DEP +LAN– for Deposit and Land Loan – (E.g 01*****DEP-Amount-SHR-Amount)

NB: Usitume pesa isiyoenda kwa akaunti yako au mwanao (Minor).

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